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Add or Remove a Driver
Is there a new driver in your house? Or did a current driver move out or lose their license? Click the above link and let us know.
Change of Address or Name
Have you recently moved? Or changed your name? Let us know by clicking the "Change of Address or Name" link above.
Remove or Add a Vehicle
Did you get a new car (or a used car)? Or maybe you recenly sold a vehicle. Tell us about the changes by clicking the link above.
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Helpful Industry and Local Links

Below are some helpful links to various insurance websites and some favorite local websites of ours. Many of them offer good references or FAQ pages that answer commonly asked questions.

Please use the above links with caution. Though we update the list periodically and check their destinations we can not be certain that the domain ownership and contsent will be the same when you visit the website. Placing the links on our site is in no way an endorsement of the entity or business by the Strauss Agencies but rather just a resource that we have found helpful or useful in some way at one point in time. We have also included some local "favorite" business links. We are strong believers in small businesses. They help our local communities strong by providing better jobs than their national competitors.

Customer e-Surveys

How are we doing? What can we do better?

We take customer service very seriously. From a simple notary seal to setting up your company's commercial liability insurace we want all of our customers to be satisifed. To help keep us informed of how we are doing we ask that our current clients take a moment of their time to fill out a survey. We understand your time is valuable and keep the surveys as short as possible.

We use the survey results not to punish employees or give them bonuses but rather to improve how we run our business on a day to day basis. We have implemented many of the suggestions from past surveys and feel strongly that the changes have helped all of our customers.

Current Customer Survey Form