Pottsville Pennsylvania Car Insurance, Homeowners Insurance and more from the Strauss Agencies

Pottsville Pennsylvania and surrounding communities have unique insurance needs. For example, Pottsville has many steep hills that often become treacherous for residents during the winter months. This leads to an increased amount of fender benders when compared to comparable regions with a flatter terrain. The Strauss Agencies has helped transition many of our Pottsville clients to car insurance programs that have a more forgiving attitude towards these incidents. In doing so the clients saved money because of more steady renewal rates than less forgiving companies would have offered them.

Another key feature about Pottsville is the age of some of the homes in the city. Many insurance companies have do not want to insure houses that are so old for fear of electrical and other issues usually associated with older homes. The Strauss Agencies has developed personal relationships and a long history with our home insurance underwriters. We have shown them through experience that the older homes in Pottsville are of substantially higher craftsmanship than newer homes that are a quarter of their age and therefore it is unfair to subject these home owners to higher insurance prices based solely on the year their home was built.

These are just a few examples of how the Strauss Agencies help people from Pottsville save money on their car insurance, homeowners insurance and all other insurance types. By living in the area we understand how to put Pottsville’s best foot forward to the insurance carrier and to help it’s residents' insurance premiums as low as they can be.

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